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Greetings from the Simply Affordable Roofing Family!

Updated: May 18, 2022

Hello! We are the Ekersons and the Smiths. Our two families joined together to bring a fresh perspective to the roofing industry. With over 30 years of experience we know roofs and we know what customers want. Our goal is to remove all the gimmicks and noise to deliver simple straightforward solutions. We hope to demystify the industry and provide education to our customers so they know exactly what they are getting and why you can trust us to deliver quality work.

SA Roofing Team (left to right): Chris & Kendall Ekerson, Nalani & Brandon Smith

Meet Our Team

Chris Ekerson is the President of SA Roofing. He got his start in roofing when he was 18. He started in the sheet metal department. Over the years he worked his way through many different types of roofing. He became a project manager, moved into sales, and then into operations management. His last role was General Manager. He is excited to be Co-Owner with Brandon and bring his expertise to homeowners and commercial clients. Chris & Brandon have a long history of friendship that precedes their working partnership. Brandon Smith is the Vice President of SA Roofing. He got his start in roofing in 2009 working in the field as a technician. He has held many positions over the years including, service technician, customer relations, and commercial project management. He is passionate about starting businesses that meet a need in the construction world. He is excited to be Co-Owner with Chris and for this next adventure. Brandon is also an active member of the National Guard and loves the ability to protect his family and country. Kendall Ekerson has worked in the roofing industry for 17 years helping with sales, marketing and legal review. She joined her husband to help support the launch of SA Roofing. She was a founding member of Oregon's Chapter of National Women in Roofing and is passionate about getting women involved in the trade industry.

Nalani recently left the corporate world to take care of her daughter and help build SA Roofing with this great team. Her professional background is varied and well-rounded including, most recently, 7 years at an ad agency and project management. She loves helping others and being a positive addition to any team.

Let Our Family Help Protect Yours

Family is important to us at SA Roofing. We care deeply about protecting our loved ones. We want the opportunity to help protect yours as well. Contact us for a free estimate so we can help you plan for your new roof. Please leave us a comment or share our page.

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