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Dear Resident - How to Prepare for Your New Roof

Dear Resident,

In our journey to demystify the roofing industry we wanted to go through the process of installing a new roof and what you can do to be prepared. We find that homeowners often have a lot of questions about the process and sometimes discussing the process brings up additional concerns or special requests. Our hope with this blog would be to help start the conversation so you are prepared. Every home, building, and jobsite is different and talking through the process should be part of your planning process.

At SA Roofing, our process starts with a visit to your home in order to create a proposal for what the roof needs. As more details become known or options are selected it can always change. We commonly get asked, “Does someone need to be present for the initial inspection?”. We always recommend that someone can accompany us so that we can ask questions to better understand what the best solution is that we should include in our proposal. For residential, it is common that we will want to look in the attic space to confirm if there are any venting, sheeting, or other issues that we need to account for. This also helps us narrow down the specific products that we quote based on an owner's long term plan for the property.

After conducting inspections of the grounds, attic, and roof, we put together a proposal and email it out promptly (oftentimes we can provide same day proposals). We will then follow up to see what next steps need to be taken, and provide material samples to help you decide what is best.

Pre-Job Logistics Once you have decided to move forward with an agreed upon scope of work and signed your contract, we move into the next part of the process “Pre-Job Logistics”.

We will:

  1. Discuss a rough schedule based on the current backlog of projects. The schedule will get more refined with time as it is difficult to predict how weather will affect our schedule.

  2. Place an order to secure materials and confirm availability

  3. Secure required permits as needed

  4. Once we are close to starting your project we will communicate dates, and discuss any logistics such as dumpster placement, or parking considerations. For larger projects it is common to hold a pre-job conference to go over all of these details in person, and also discuss any safety related concerns.

  5. It is not uncommon for materials to be pre-delivered to the roof days or weeks in advance. We must make sure that we have materials available as soon as we put people on the roof.

  6. Send out an invoice for the deposit

Preparing the Jobsite Once your job has been scheduled we will keep you updated as sometimes the weather calls for changes. As the start date approaches, we will begin “Preparing the Jobsite”:

  1. A portable bathroom / outhouse will be delivered

  2. Set up safety for the crew, and for any other hazards such as falling materials or overhead equipment

  3. If materials are not pre-delivered, they will likely arrive on the first day of construction. In most cases materials are loaded directly to the roof via a conveyor or boom truck with someone receiving and spreading out materials on the roof to distribute the weight.

  4. Usually the day before, or the day of, a dumpster will be delivered, and for houses it is usually placed in the center of the driveway as close to the house as possible. We ask that all cars park elsewhere for these few days to avoid damage and allow residents to come and go as needed.

  5. Before we begin tearing off the old roof, we will make sure to place protection down in the yard, over bushes or other items, and ask that breakable items be moved out of harm's way.

Installing a New Roof The average house takes two to three days to complete. The first day we are tearing off either all or a portion of the roof.

  1. This is when we will evaluate the roof deck. We will work with the homeowner if there are any other considerations or deck replacement needed.

  2. The areas we tear off will be dried in with either felt or ice & water shield before leaving the jobsite. This ensures they are watertight even if the shingles are not installed.

  3. Then we begin installing shingles and performing details to tie the whole system together such as pipes and vents. Sometimes we will need to custom fabricate pieces so that they fit your roof perfectly.

  4. New gutters will be installed if this is an option you have selected as an upgrade to your new roof.

  5. Rest assured, ground clean up will be performed daily as needed and then a more thorough cleaning at the end will be done to ensure all debris is gathered.

Project Wrap Up

Once we are done installing your new roof we conduct our final clean up.

  1. We will run a magnet around the outside of your home and yard to ensure we pick up any nails that might have fallen.

  2. We will clean out the gutters of any debris from the project.

  3. All of the equipment will be called off and the dumpster removed. This may take a few days for everything to be picked up as some vendors can get busy, but we will continue communication until all pieces are removed.

  4. We will then send out the final invoice.

At this point you will have a new roof and hopefully be a very satisfied customer that leaves us a nice review online so that our business can be seen by others. We also have a referral program if someone you know works with us, we have a little “thank you” gift for you.

Our small business is built on the trust of our clients and word-of-mouth referrals. It truly makes a huge impact on our business and families.

Please feel free to reach out any time if you have any questions.


Your SA Roofing Family

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