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Gutters are Essential in Protecting Your Home

Rain gutters protect landscaping, prevent stucco staining, and add value to a home or building. Having functioning gutters that keep water moving away from your home can also reduce the risk of mold, fungi, and bacteria build up in standing water. Look no further than the gutter experts at Simply Affordable Roofing, to provide top quality gutter installation to ensure your gutters are functioning properly and efficiently in Hillsboro, OR, and surrounding areas.

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Rain Gutter Installations

Gutters play an important part in keeping water away from your foundation. Moving the water from your foundation prevents erosion and keeps your home from falling into disrepair. We install all types of gutters, from 5″ and 6″ seamless, K-style gutters, as well as copper K-style and specialty gutter systems, custom-built to fit your home just perfect. We provide gutters in a variety of materials and finishes. We create custom gutters that keep leaks to a minimum and protect your home from water damage. Contact us for more information!

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are a nationally recognized and very popular form of gutters. There are many benefits of having these gutters installed and why they are important to your home and office building. Seamless gutters are designed to be one solid piece of material that’s cut right on the jobsite. This not only eliminates unsightly seams and cracks in the gutter design that can detract from your home’s beauty, but it also prevents leaks and separating that can damage your siding or foundation.
Some other benefits include:

  • Baked Enamel

  • No Chipping

  • No Cracking

  • No Peeling

  • Aesthetically Appealing

  • Prevents Leaking

  • Comes In Many Colors


Get started and install the perfect gutters for your home. Our team will install your gutters properly to ensure their usefulness for years to come.

Call us today at (503) 837-3556 for a free estimate!


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