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How We Beat The Heat

At SA Roofing we take safety very serious. Safety is part of our core and we begin these conversations with employees from their first day of employment. One major safety concern in roofing is heat stress. In July, we were asked to submit a blog to Roofer's Coffee Shop about what we do as contractors to help keep people safe during the hot summer months. This was a great way for us to really take a moment to think about what we do as a company and maybe help out another contractor who is trying to establish their policies.

Below is a quick summary of the points we talk about however, we would love for you to pop over and read the full blog here.

Ways contractors can be prepared for summer heat:

  • Establish your own heat safety policy

  • Start your heat safety talks early before the temperatures start to rise

  • Be prepared with water

  • Have superintendents, project managers, and anyone else visiting job sites be prepared with water, ice, or other items that may be needed in heat

  • Add shade as a jobsite checklist item

  • Delegate someone to be the water and break monitor

Stay safe out there!

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