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Residential Roofing Solutions

Your Home's First Line of Defense

Simply Affordable Roofing offers complete roof replacements and roof installations in Hillsboro, OR, and surrounding areas. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist with all your roofing needs. We treat your home as if it were our own, taking effort to keep the site as clean and as usable as possible during the project. Our experienced and skilled contractors allow us to bring top of the line roofing services to your home and assist in protecting your home's structure and enhancing its look and curb appeal. We use high quality supplies and materials to ensure optimal performance and an extended life on the roofing of your home and structures.


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High Quality Roofing

Types Of Residential Roofs We Install & Replace


Our goal is to help you protect your home and preserve your investment for all the years to come. We understand building codes and the law and can provide accurate estimates as well as experienced advice on the most efficient and affordable way to approach your roofing project. Our highly trained team of contractors are fully committed to providing you with professional, reliable, and honest home services.


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