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Featured Project - Lenker Residence

Name: Lenker Family Residence

Start Date: April 2022

Location: Portland, OR

Product: CertainTeed NORTHGATE CLIMATE FLEX Max Def Moire Black

This home is a beautifully restored 1950’s house overlooking the Portland North Slope. One of the final steps in the restoration was a full roof replacement as the current roof was beginning to fail.

Special Logistics

This was a logistically challenging project as we needed to accommodate tight areas, a custom driveway, and a beautifully landscaped yard. A pre-job conference was conducted with the homeowners to ensure everyone was on the same page about what needed to be protected during the process and if anything needed to be relocated. Their beautiful custom driveway would likely be damaged by a normal dumpster so our mobile dump trailers were ideal for this project. It allowed us to carefully maneuver in and out of tight areas without causing any damage to the custom concrete driveway.

What Made This Project Unique

Since this was an older home the roof deck was 1’ X 6’ shiplap boards instead of the typical continuous plywood deck. Other contractors had required re-sheeting the deck which would have added substantial costs to the project. After a thorough inspection, we were able to confidently provide a solution that did not require re-sheeting thus saving the customer thousands of dollars. Instead, we determined that the spacing between the boards was within the limitations set by the shingle manufacturer. We agreed on a plan to address any boards that did not meet this requirement on a case-by-case basis.

By having an in-depth knowledge of installation methods and requirements we are able to provide solutions that are unique each home.

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