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Featured Project - Sherwood Residence

Name: Sherwood Residence

Start Date: May 2022

Location: Sherwood, OR

Product: CertainTeed Northgate ClimateFlex Color: Max Def Moire Black

This home had an original 30-year-old shake roof and was one of the last houses on the street to be converted over to asphalt shingles.

Our crew covered delicate landscaping and setup plywood on the sides of the house to protect the new paint from being damaged during the roof tear off process. We removed the 30-year-old cedar to expose the skip sheeting. Skip sheeting is boards that are spaced apart with large gaps to allow the roof to vent properly. This allowed us to inspect for any possible damage or deficiencies before applying the new roof. One thing we always want to ensure is that the bathroom fans are connected to their own dedicated vent that allows the warm moist air to escape the home completely and not just into the attic space. In this case we went into the attic to extend the ducting up to the new roof vents. This is often an overlooked step that can lead to moisture issues like mold and mildew or degradation of the plywood substrate. Something else that we always consider is the attic venting itself. Having adequate venting leads to a cooler and more dry attic space which can have a substantial impact on the health of the home as well as the life of the roof. It is important to consider the new ventilation codes, as modern materials require more ventilation to perform properly than they did decades ago.

Once the venting and structural inspections were sorted out; we applied a solid layer of new plywood over the skip sheeting. This allows for a continuous surface which is required for asphalt shingles. We then applied an Ice and Water Shield at the edges of the roof and in valleys which is a self-sealing membrane designed to defend against water backups in the event of a severe snow or ice storm. The rest of the roof received a premium synthetic underlayment. CertainTeed Northgate shingles were chosen for this project as the owners wanted to ensure long life and for its unique bold MaxDef color options.

What Made this Project Unique

This project was challenging due to the very steep pitch of the roof. Great care must be taken so that debris or tools do not fall off the roof and damage the gutters or anything on the ground. Workers must remain in full body harnesses connected to ropes just to get around as the roof is not possible to walk on without slipping. Toe boards must also be used, which are boards on special brackets that can be attached to the roof in intermediate areas and allow workers to stand on or stage materials on

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