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Featured Project - Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club

Name: Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club

Start Date: April 2022

Location: North Plains, OR

Product: CertainTeed Northgate Climateflex Max Def Moire Black

As Lightning McQueen once said, “I am SPEED!” and that was certainly the theme of this job. Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club is well known in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the country as being a premier course for golf. It was with that in mind that we were selected to install new roofs on both of their large clubhouses and three additional buildings that were spread out over two separate golf courses requiring specialized equipment to reach these particular buildings. In addition, the club was gearing up to host a very large international golf tournament in July and as such there was a strict deadline for all exterior work of June 1.

What Made This Project Unique

This project also included many roofing disciplines including steep slope shingles, low slope singly ply membrane, metal, and coating. Challenge accepted. The timeline from proposal submission to roof loading was only two weeks and on the first day we had to rinse snow off the roof just to load it! As usual, our crews worked extremely hard to keep the project on track by making progress every day. A layer of complexity was added as we discovered right away that additional attic ventilation needed to be installed in order to make the roof perform to its full potential and several repairs were made to the roof deck along the way.

Our philosophy is to view every challenge as an opportunity which helped our talented crews push forward and complete all of the roof installations ahead of schedule. We were lucky enough to work with the amazing staff at Pumpkin Ridge who graciously let us take over their space for 6 weeks. They were extremely enjoyable to work with and very accommodating throughout the entire project.

Thank you Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club!

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