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Featured Project - New Construction: Sherwood, OR

Name: New Construction | Custom Home with Metal Roof Start Date: September 2022 Location: Sherwood, OR Product: Taylor Metals 1.5” Mechanically Seamed 24g roof panel in Matte Black Color

This is a beautiful, newly constructed, home in the Sherwood area that we were thrilled to work on. This was a unique project due to the location of the home and the difficulty with general access. Typically, metal panels would arrive onsite pre-formed and ready to install. Due to the difficulty of accessing this location, the large trucks normally used for delivery would not be able to access the property to deliver the pre-formed panels. The roof panels had to be formed directly onto the roof using a roll forming machine. This machine was carefully hoisted with a reach forklift. The panels were carefully staged on the roof as there were over a dozen different sizes. All the roof edges were cleated with custom flashings to provide a watertight and wind resistant design.

What Made This Project Unique

There were several unique details that involved a lot of custom metal designs to be fabricated in house at our warehouse and then delivered to the jobsite. Custom venting was made to conceal within the flashing. Due to the lower roof pitch, before the panels were installed, the roof got a full layer of high temp ice and water shield instead of the normal layer around the edges and eves. The black panels were carefully installed to avoid scratch marks or dings. Black metal is by far the most difficult color to install and work with since it can show scratches, bends, and other imperfections much easier than other colors. The nature of the new construction site also added to this difficulty because of the mud and rock on the ground. Extra care was taken to avoid tracking debris on the roof and therefore causing potential flaws to the panels. Each panel was mechanically seamed together with a seaming tool to create a watertight condition. Finally, the roof received matching black continuous gutters and downspouts. We were honored to be chosen to work on this project. The general contractor is a prestigious custom home builder and has asked for our expertise on multiple projects now. Although this job had a lot of unique logistics, it was enjoyable to work on and showcase our talents.

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