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Administrative Director

Nalani grew up in Oregon most of her life. She spent some time living in New Orleans, which is still near and dear to her heart and definitely part of why she loves to travel so much.  However, her family has a long rooted history in Oregon, specifically in Central Oregon, that goes back seven generations.

She graduated from Warner Pacific University with her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.  Her goal was to pursue the business world while also keeping family top priority. She worked very hard to pay her own way through school.  She worked as a key employee in the onboarding process at a major retailer.  Newly hired employees shadowed her so she could help train them and get them integrated with the company culture. Nalani found that she really enjoyed helping others be successful in their work in addition to taking pride in her own.

After receiving her Bachelors’ degree she went on to gain her project management certificate from Portland State University. These combined have helped her be successful in many jobs and industries. She has become a professional at taking care of clients and their specific needs. Her project management skills came to life while working within television/film production. Managing set schedules and ensuring people got to where they needed to be and seeing potential issues before they started.  This led to her excitement around planning events and managing logistics.

Her most recent role in the professional world was the director of technical services at an advertising agency that specializes in patient recruitment for clinical trials.  She worked with that company for seven years.  Nalani loved working alongside developers and the project management team to deliver their clients the results they were looking for and exceed their expectations. She stepped away from this position to devote her time to her daughter’s care and help build the family business.

Nalani has always been someone who loves to serve her community.  Nalani graduated from the 47th Beaverton Police Citizens Academy and loved the opportunities to volunteer with the department.  She helped with various events and tasks but her favorites were the National Night Out as well as the car seat clinics.  Perhaps her most memorable time serving in the community has been the trips she took back to New Orleans to help with clean-up after hurricane Katrina.

Ultimately her biggest passions have come out of her travel experiences. Both across the country and internationally, Nalani really discovered how much she loves connecting with different people and experiencing new things.  She is passionate about creating intentional space and opportunities for others to expand their experiences and grow in their business.  Most of all, Nalani is thrilled to be doing this alongside her husband.  Both of them want their daughter to have a good example of team work and dedication.

Nalani Smith: Meet the Team
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