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Chris Ekerson began his career in the roofing industry in 2002 when he started working for a medium sized commercial and residential roofing company at the age of 18. Working in the sheet metal division both fabricating and installing, he learned the trade quickly as well as several other roofing practices and systems in order to move up in the company. After about five years he was made a foreman, and then led the division a few years later. The job required proficiency in many roofing systems as well as building effective teams who could execute projects in a safe and profitable manner. Around this time he pursued additional education through Warner Pacific’s Adult Degree Program and completed work for an Associates Degree. In 2012 he was afforded the opportunity to take over the project manager position for the company and eventually stepped into the Operations manager role.  He oversaw the day to day operations for all projects across WA, OR, and CA locations. He was the first onsite to integrate the new team members as well as inventory current assets and processes.

In 2018 he joined the sales team. Chris successfully sold multiple six figure projects while also playing a large managing role in the more complex projects. In 2019 he left the company to pursue an opportunity with a smaller startup roofing company in the area in a business development capacity. He spent the next year working for this company, and then for another commercial roofing company in Hillsboro. In 2020 Chris returned to the company he had started with as General Manager as they had suffered some high level turnover. In this role he oversaw all aspects of the business including working directly with the other managers, sales staff, and accounting staff.

Chris’ time in the industry and various roles have allowed him to learn various aspects of the business while possessing a real trade skillset that allows him to have an understanding and detailed knowledge of the roofing industry. His background has given great experience with negotiating, contract and legal issues, employee and human resource concerns, insurance and risk management and much more.

This past year he started into a three year program called the Future Executives Institute (FEI) that is taught through the Kellogg School of Business in Chicago, IL. This program partners with the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and is specific to the industry. This is an accelerated program that is equal to an MBA with a very specific focus. It is joined by 38 other people in mid to high level positions in various companies across the U.S. who have plans to take on executive positions or ownership in their respective companies or in the industry.

Chris Ekerson: Meet the Team
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